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Friday, January 04, 2013

Odds & Ends

Readin', Watchin', And Incarceratin'...

My stack of reading material never seems to lessen.  I really ought to look into one of these newfangled e-readers, given that my total weight of printed material in my possession might very well outweigh the frame & roof of the house & garage.

The latest from Larry Correia, Monster Hunter Legion, is the 4th in the Monster Hunter International series. Not as fun as the 1st, and not as dark as the second, it's still a rollicking good read set in Las Vegas. 

I've also got the 2nd book in his Grimnoir series in the pile.  Looking forward to that one!

Finished the 1st in Taylor Anderson's 'Destroyermen' series.  I liked it so much I ordered the rest from Amazon.  It's a mil-skiffy romp set in the south Pacific, featuring a couple of WWI-era destroyers that ooze through a space/time warp into a world physically identical to ours, but where primates weren't the result of millions of years of evolution...

I'm about 1/3 of the way into 'When Diplomacy Fails', the latest Ripple Creek Security novel by Michael Z. Williamson.  Gotta admit, It's a bit tedious up to this point.  I suppose he's trying to show the endless knots that private security companies have to face from the military, governments and NGOs, but I'd just as soon have 400 pages of shit gettin' blowed up.  (See Monster Hunter Legion, above...)

Watched a few movies lately.

Despite the toothsome Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, the latest Batman flick left me cold.  I never really bought into Christian Bale in the role, and the Bane character is a pale shadow of the one in the comics.  Can't recommend.

Savages is like a weird cross between a Tarantino shoot-em-up, and one of the non-funny Cheech & Chong movies from the 80's.  Weed & guns don't mix...

I did enjoy the remake of 'Total Recall'.  It stayed close enough to the original to keep me alert to tweaks in the storyline, yet was overall different enough to seem fresh and original.
The "elevator" is a bit farfetched, but then so was terraforming on Mars.  Enjoyable!

My buddy that was jailed down here in Harris County has been relocated up north.  Still the same charges and bail, just a new venue.  This county posts mugshots, too.  Man, he's put on some years.  I know, jail's kinda hard on you, but still... Damn...

Y'all have a good weekend, y'hear?