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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Years Traditions

2013 Is Here, Whether We Want It Or Not.

One tradition I'm glad to have left behind is the cripppling hangover...

Last night was spent up at the Cisco Kid's place with a crowd of folks, fireworks and some good munchies.  For whatever reason, my urge to guzzle booze was not present, and I had a glass of champagne at midnight and let it go at that.

My brain is thanking me today!

So, now it's a lazy day either reading, napping or watching the tube.  I'm waiting for a slice of frozen pecan pie to thaw out to finish up the traditional New Year's Day meal.

Mmmmm...  A big mess of collard greens, black eyed peas and a big chunk of country ham.  Some hot biscuits and fresh iced tea, and I'm one happy camper.  Didja know you can make a mini-sammich out of all the above food ingredients?  OmNomNomNom!!

I understand some folks include cabbage in the New Year's meal.  I'm not opposed to it, but that's never been a vegetable I consume other than in coleslaw or Chinese food.

Any traditional foods in your neck of the woods?