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Friday, December 28, 2012

How Much Is That Buddy In The Jail Cell?

Another Moral Dilemma

(Sing the title to the tune of "How much is that doggy in the window??")

OK, a serious question for y'all...

Let's say you've just been made aware that a friend of many years is currently occupying a cell in the county lockup.

The bail is more than they can afford to swing on their own.  More than the friend's family can afford.  More than you can afford, to be honest.  There's a shitload of zeroes on that number.

As much as you'd like to help out, there's no way short of taking out a bank loan that you can put a dent in even the 10% a bondsman would require.  And let's face it, the chances of getting approved for the bank loan is slim-to-none.

I mean, it was one thing when back in the day, your friends were getting popped for traffic warrants or misdemeanor possession or drunk & disorderly, and you could shuck out a couple of Benjamins and have 'em loose in time for pancakes at Denny's before work the next day.

This is some serious shit, and odds are, there's a state jail term at the end of this.  Repayment odds stand at decades-or-never, and though it pains me to know a friend is languishing in durance vile, the story reaching my ears is that there ain't no one to blame for his predicament except him.

So, how much would you honestly expect a friend to do?  A family member?

What's your price tag on friendship??