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Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Ain't Dead Yet...

Just The Area Between My Ears.

After a couple of cancellations, I finally managed to get in to see my regular physician and the cardiologist for a 10,000 mile checkup.

This one had the full workup, sucking out some blood and peeing in a cup. One of these days he's gonna be probulating my bunghole as a routine thing, but I'm still a few years away from that, for which I give thanks.

Aside from some minor issues mostly caused by being over 40, over-lazy and overweight, I seem to be in fairly good health.

Check 'em:
BP 135/90
Total Cholesterol - 135
HDL - 41
LDL - 75
Triglycerides - 95
Fasting Glucose - 97
A1C - 6.1

If I can manage to keep the sugars and carbs down, I'll see the glucose count and A1C drop, and get me closer to "ain't got the diabeetus" as opposed to "sorta got the diabeetus". Gotta get the A1C down to under 5.7...