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Saturday, January 29, 2005

This Bunny's Toast!

Or a fricassee! Perhaps a stew. Hard to say at this point.

OK, what am I blathering about? Well, there's this guy in Europe that says unless people donate a million Euros into his bank account, he's gonna have his pet rabbit butchered and eat it for Easter dinner.

Now, I'm not one that's all that concerned about the cute & fuzzy bunnies of the world. Rabbits get eaten all the time, just not so often over here in the States. Here in the U.S., bunnies have gotten to about halfway to the revulsion level generated when people talk about Koreans eating dogs, or New Guineans roasting fruit bats. Holding a bunny hostage isn't going to get me to reach for my wallet.

Besides, anyone familiar with National Lampoon magazine has seen this cover, the "Buy This Magazine Or We'll Shoot This Dog!" idea. They never really shot the dog. At least, I think they didn't...

On the other hand, "Bernd" is an awfully cute little bunny... And he looks VERY worried!

Better break out that checkbook, PETA-rds! Looks like Bernd has a hot date with a frying pan!

Found at Laurence's place, btw!