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Monday, July 11, 2005

The El Capitan/Jenni Mutual Birthday PubCrawl

'Because Dive Bars Aren't Just For Rummies Anymore!

I've been sorta drag-assing on announcing this, because I'm just in that 'eh' mood lately. My birthday shindig was originally going to be in New Orleans, as a part of the blogmeet there, but I wussied out on that trip, and used a pre-existing invite from Jenni as my excuse for bailing on the Big Easy.

Back in late winter/early spring, I got to spend an afternoon with my pal Jenni and her hubby Barry when I was in DFW for my grandmother's funeral. We talked about everything under the sun, so in retrospect I'm not too surprised that 4 months later I had completely forgotten that we had agreed to spend our birthdays trolling the dive bars up & down Division St. in Arlington.

So, when she reminded me of my obligation, I reset my itinerary for DFW, and now I'm inviting you!

Here's the plan...

We meet on Friday night, July 22, in Arlington, TX about 8 in the p.m. at J. Gilligan's on Abram St. We have huge platters of Irish Nachos and poultry digits to fortify us for the evening, then we head over to Division and Collins, turn left into the first bar on the south side, and spend the rest of the evening sampling the wares all the way down to Green Oaks Rd., then go to the north side of Division and work our way back. Bonus points will be given to the first person to hurl on the front steps of the Ott Cribbs Public Safety Center at Division and Cooper and not be arrested.

If you miss us at J. Gilligan's, just head up & down Division until you see my brown Fleetwood parked outside some sleazy dive, and head on in.

I'm sure there's a lot more mature ways to flip over to year #38, but why the hell should I start acting mature at this age? I've never felt the need to before!

C'mon out, y'all. At least drop by for dinner. This should be a blast, and if Rockhauler doesn't get my hotel reservation arranged, you'll get to see me sleep in the back of the Caddy behind some bar!

Email me with questions/comments/complaints.