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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sorry, Donks.

Got Another Whine On Tap?

Looks like the "It's All Chimpy McBushitler's Fault!" storyline is coming apart at the seams.

See for yourself. These aren't conservative papers, either.

Army's engineers spent millions on Louisiana projects labeled as pork.

New Orleans strayed from evacuation plan.

Here's more from admittedly partisan sources.

Another Katrina Myth: Homeland Security Wouldn't Let Red Cross Deliver Food and Water to Katrina Victims

The Machine Stops.

FEMA does need to answer for this bit of dumbassery, though, along with all the other countless screwups.

Nope, the fallout will not be pretty on this debacle, and Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco will be lucky if they can get elected dogcatcher after all is said & done.