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Friday, September 23, 2005

Water, Water Everywhere

And Plenty Of Drops To Drink

The water coolers I keep stored in the garage must have been heeding the call of migration all summer. I could swear I left them right at the front of the garage, but the urge to rejoin their brethren at the Igloo plant a few miles away must have been very strong.

It took me nearly an hour to excavate deep enough to find all three, as well as my jerrycan. I've still got my 5 gallon carboy out there, but it remains tantalizingly out of reach.

No matter, there's 20 gallons worth of drinking water in 5 gallon doses lined up on the living room floor, and close to another 10 gallons in liter and half-liter bottles in the freezers. Damn, I just noticed I mixed my measurements.

I've got three 30 gallon plastic bins that are destined to get put in the bathrooms and filled with water for washing & cooking.

(Bwahahhaaa!!! Sorry, just watching MSNBC TV, and Mayor White just wedged that grandstanding harridan Sheila Jackson Lee out of the range of the camera. Go away, Lee. You're a hack looking for press time, and you know it.)

Got the LP gas lantern found, and there's 1 1/2 cylinders of gas for it. My Coleman camping stove is good to go, but I can't find the spare can of fuel. No big deal there, I've got a gas stove in the kitchen, and that should stay functional.

The wind's picking up, and the first rain started to fall when I was out back rinsing out the coolers. Now, we wait...