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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Carnival Of The Vanities #162

I Got Your October Surprise Right Here...

Welcome to Baboon Pirates and the 162nd Carnival Of The Vanities! My nom de blog is El Capitan, and I'll be the ringmaster/sideshow operator/skeevy carny for this week's festivities.

This is a milestone of sorts for me. It's my 3rd time to host a blog carnival, and by the good graces of Bigwig at Silflay Hraka, I'm able to host the grandaddy of all Carnivals on the week that Baboon Pirates turns over the odometer from Year Zero to Year One

So, let's do this thing...

Rorschach of Red Ink: Texas gets the top slot this week via a blatant act of nepotism on my part. He's been a regular visitor and commenter here for a long while, so I'm happy to present his piece entitled Evolution and Homosexuality: Does one prove the fallacy of the other? (LINK FIXED! Mea Maxima Culpa!)

Next, the Miscellaneous section. Most time these odd ducks get stuck at the tail end of the Carnival, read by very few visitors. Not here! They get a jump to the front of the line!

Everything Else

Elisson at Blog d'Elisson just beats the submission deadline to bring us an excellent question. Does hate come naturally to people, or is it learned behavior? Elisson takes the position that You've Got To Be Taught.

Rachel at the Tinkerty Tonk blog wonders if Women are crazy. Uh, yeah! Well, at least as crazy as men, just in a slightly more diabolic way.

Phil Whitley via his blog Writing Keechie asks What Genre Do You Write About? Ummm... all of them? Phil, whaddya recommend for writers that back-burner their Great American Novel to blog all the time? Not that I know anyone like that, or anything!

At Et Tu Bloge Neal Phenes reminds us that according to some, Every Dictator Does Some Good . Yeah, yeah, they made the trains run on time. Heard that one before!

Laurence Simon at This Blog Is Full Of Crap is still tracking the Astros run for the World Series championship. He'd really like to know Who is rooting for whom?

Over at Adam's Blog, Adam Graham is not too pleased about the latest round in the ongoing title fight, Hollywood v. God.

The Great Game

Our first contender in the Politics category is Brad of the blog Unrepentant Individual. He submitted a pair of posts that reveal him as a huge Neil Boortz fan, as well as a libertarian. This is pleasing to the Simian Horde, so he pulls this section's pole position!
A free Guv'mint ID is NOT a poll tax! And if it is, it's cheap at half the price!
Separation of Church and State (Use a crowbar...)

Next up is Stephen Littau representing his blog, Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds. He describes getting an earful of a politician he didn't vote for:
Town Hall Meeting with Senator John McCain

Rob B. from File It Under is pretty certain that All your culture are belong to US!! I think he may have a point. After all, I go to United Nations meetings for endless obfuscation, dithering and finger pointing, not cultural enlightenment!

Over at Mad Kane's Notables Madeleine Begun Kane pens little ditties skewering politicians that lean to the right. In all honesty, despite the "Mad" moniker, she seems relatively rational rather than having the blue-dyed leftist's cross-eyed moonbattery. Here's her ode to Plamegate: Fitzmas Madness!!

John Ray of Dissecting Leftism gives the Carnival a hard swerve back the right with a demonstration of the leftist tendencies of pre-war British Fascists.

The Man (who is not The Man that I labor for daily, but is nonetheless still The Man) at GOP and the City presents 6 Degrees of George W. Bush. I knew that Kevin Bacon guy was squirrelly ever since I saw 'Footloose'!

Matt Johnston, on his blog Going to the Mat tells a tale of Why Racial Gaps Persist. For what it's worth, the Gap over by me at Memorial City Mall seems pretty non-prejudicial...

Around The World

Barak of Information Regarding Israel's Security starts off the international segment of the Carnival with some news in support of the Iron Lady. He got good reviews on it from, so let's just show it off to the rest of the blogosphere!
Debunking the "Lady Thatcher Revealed Doubts about Iraq War" Claim.

Conor Friedersdorf at the very impressive Beyond Borders Blog asks some Tough Questions regarding immigration status and our continuing need in the U.S. for new blood.

While we're on the subject of immigrants, Isaac Schrödinger at his eponymous blog lets us know that not everyone learns the same history lessons.

At Western Resistance, Isabel de Castilla reminds us that Hindu Kush means: Hindu Slaughter. It's a good reminder that there's centuries of bad blood between cultures in areas other than the Middle East.

On a lighter note, Mark Rayner at The Skwib warns us of the impending Furry Blitzkrieg of Nazi raccoons invading Europe. They'll feast on your brains, but only after they wash you off in the nearest stream...

Money Matters

Sammler at The Stone City blog gets the lead-off spot in the Economics section 'cause I really liked his post. He tells us just what The Great Motivator is that keeps the wheels turning. Give it a read!

Beginning the section on all matters economic, Ironman who writes the blog called Political Calculations shows us a tool for Paying Off Your Credit Card Bill. After punching in my numbers, it appears that I'm on the hook until 2498 A.D.

Steve Pavlina offers up an essay on his take on What Is Productivity. His blog, Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Blog says it's only for smart people, so if you think that the Apollo moon landings are a hoax, or that Communism is a viable form of government, please don't visit it!

Next week's Carnival Of The Vanities host, Free Money Finance, tells us exactly how much millionaires pay, on average, for a suit. Heh. Forget Syms or Men's Wearhouse. My next suit is coming off of eBay!

Yaro Starak who writes the Entrepreneur's Journey blog, brings us Online Marketing Outside The Box. Count me as surprised! My sum knowledge of Aussie entrepreneurship stops at knowing they sell us their swill beer (Foster's) while keeping the best stuff for themselves!

Barry Welford at The Other Bloke's Blog writes about the Montreal Bagel Blog, and how traditional brick & mortar businesses can find a place in cyberspace. Next up, (keeping my fingers crossed)!!

Over at Big Picture, Small Office, Big Picture Guy goes cell phone shopping, and he knows EXACTLY what he wants! And so should you!

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Kicking off the Medical Matters section, Dean Esmay offers an alternative source for a monograph by a dissident scientist questioning orthodox thinking on HIV.
Here it is: Duesberg/Bialy Torrent.

Josh Cohen at Multiple Mentality shines a light on the booming gastric reduction business, with his post on The Negative Truths of Gastric Bypass Surgery. Eye opening stuff for this chilidog addict, I can tell you...

Jon P at Liberty Cadre chimes in with a cautionary warning about bird flu, entitled Lets not run chicken about the flu...

Elisa Camahort of the HealthyConcerns blog writes a really great post called Mother in denial? Or in a better position to judge?. I'll have to lean towards the parent's observations in this case. Doctors, though they are loathe to admit it, are not all-knowing!

This Just In: News and Current Events

Don Sürber really likes ümlaüts, and is amazed to see one in a MSM headline! In the first of his posts this week, he writes on his self-titled blog Don Sürber aboüt how being übersexüal kicks metrosexüal bütt!! Don, call Motorhead. Lemmy wants his umlauts back...

Dan Melson at Searchlight Crusade spins a tale on Ruling the World as an Information Aggregator. Yeah, Google's poised to roll past Microsoft as the dominant life force in the universe, but there's always a niche to be found!

Obi-Wan over at the Forward Biased blog wants to Turn 'em all out! There seems to be too many pols voting to keep shoveling pork for his taste. I prefer the Rope/Tree/Some Assembly Required method of politician eradication, but I'm odd that way.

Two Dogs at the extremely amusing blog called Mean Ol' Meany shines a spotlight on Those Damn Great Democrats Part XI - Barack Obama. But he's not a racist. Honest!

While reading PoliticalCP's submittal email, I thought "Oh boy... get out the tinfoil hats and UFO detectors." I was WAY off base. At his blog The Politics of CP PoliticalCP presents a Digest of Jamaat ul-Fuqra Coverage Read it all. I'd never heard of these ul-Fuqra guys, and it's extremely unnerving, to say the least.

Mike at Interested-Participant brings us more in the ongoing saga of that gangsta that jacked the NOLA schoolbus. Geez, for a movie and book deal, I'll commandeer the METRO bus tomorrow morning...

Chris Jenkins at DubiousProfundity and Abnu from Wordlab both offer memorials to Rosa Parks. Please read both of these excellent offerings.

The Funny Pages

"Poca Dot" starts off the Humor section with a pic that's just right for the season! His submittal email reveals a secret identity as a previous poster this week, but we'll just keep calling him Poca Dot for now. He shows us what happens After The Halloween Party.

Buckley F. Williams at The Nose On Your Face blog brings us the Worst Halloween Costumes Of All Time. I dunno, dude. This one comes pretty close in inducing the maximum amount of horrified groans. Heh. Helter Skelter! I'm just sad I didn't think of it myself!

Bussorah Merchant at the Wicked Thoughts blogs gives us THE BITER BIT. Moral of the story? 5 day waiting periods aren't always a bad thing!

Jack over at The People's Republic of Seabrook thinks it's pretty Amazing what some people will do to get on TV, eh?. Not really. Just wave dollars in front of most people, and they'll eagerly debase themselves for paltry sums. For others, the mere wink of the lens is enough to generate some seriously outlandish behavior!

At The Peace Moonbeam Chronicles, Peace Moonbeam doses herself with an extra hit of patchouli oil and presents for our pleasure: Raging Fists Of Fury With John McCain!

Crime and Courts

Ferdinand T. Cat (who we strongly suspect of lounging around and forcing his pet Bruce to write this) stretches and yawns from his perch at Conservative Cat and coughs up some information on a New Phishing Scam. Unfortunately for Ferdinand, this sort of phish is not suitable for rolling in.

Brian J. over at the Musings from Brian J. Noggle is wondering What If Saddam Hussein Goes O.J.? Well, as far as I'm concerned, if the man's a dick, you must convict!

Different River at the self-named Different River blog asks some questions about Regulation by Lawsuit? My opinions on most attorneys have been well documented here, so I'll keep mah mouf' shut.

That's All, Folks!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and a big box of kitty treats goes to Ferdinand D. Cat for having the ultra-spiffy Carnival Submit form that made this hosting gig a whole lot easier!

Next week's Carnival is hosted by Free Money Finance and you can be part of it by emailing him the usual details. Or, you can use the handy submission form at the Conservative Cat mentioned above.

Deadline for submission is Tuesday, November 1 at 6:00 pm ET