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Saturday, February 25, 2006

More Sheeple Bleating

Duty To Retreat, My Ass!

The sheeple constantly amaze me with their constant state of fear. Look at this poor schlub attempting to decry the "Stand Your Ground" legislation being proposed in numerous states.
Instead of embracing a citizen's "duty to retreat" in the face of a physical attack, states may be taking cues from the days of lawless frontier towns, where non-deputized Americans were within their rights to hold the bad guys at bay with the threat of deadly force.
As long as he's gonna parade the tired ol' Wild West theme that the hoplophobes constantly do, I'll join right in. What a load of horseshit!

I have NO "duty to retreat" from an attacker while I'm out in public. None at all. My right to conduct business or pleasure in public is not trumped by some goblin's wish to relieve me of life or property.

That being said, I DO have a duty not to go yanking out a pistol and go blazing away just because someone takes my parking space.

Far be it from the sheeple to ever give the masses credit for possessing a bit of good judgement or reasoning skills, though. As far as they're concerned, we're all mindless, brutish thugs. Hence, the constant references to the "Wild West" and "Dodge City Shootouts" and "vigilante justice" that accompany any legislation that would allow us to protect ourselves from unwarranted lawsuits following a societal goblinectomy.

Give it up, gun-grabbers. You've been slavering for "Wild West" shootouts ever since the concealed-carry laws have swept the nation. Hasn't happened yet, and it ain't gonna happen.

Bah. Effing sheeple piss me off. Now I'm so torqued off, I'm just gonna have to go buy another gun!