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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Some Spirits Don't Age Well...

This Thing's Varnished Like Ted Kennedy's Liver

Continuing my excavation of long-buried boxes beneath my desk, I came across an old hip flask I haven't seen since Xmas '03. It's a nice one, as hip flasks go. Holds just enough hooch to impart a fuzzy glow to whatever boring function you're suffering through, which is the primary reason hip flasks exist.

This one was last filled with Wild Turkey. Dunno why I recall that, but I haven't had Wild Turkey since that holiday season. I'm more of a Maker's Mark drinker, when I'm not out gallivanting with Mr. Johnny Walker.

Whatever Wild Turkey remained wasn't a lot. Not a drop is left inside. It's got a good seal on the lid, so I probably drained it before setting it down, eventually putting it in a box where it got covered up and forgotten.

Just so ya know, you really ought to wash these things out before long-term storage. Kinda smells like like maple syrup mixed with lemon Pledge and kerosene, and that ain't a real pretty smell.

Hope this thing washes out... I got a family function coming up soon where it'll be essential equipment.