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Thursday, August 03, 2006

I Need Another Blog

When One Just Isn't Enough

Anyone else out there run more than one blog? Not the IFOC kind of conglomerate, just one main blog you 'fess up to, and another one you use purely for shits & giggles?

I've got a stack of stuff I really want to address, but for one reason or another, I don't want to do it here. Some of it's just pointless kvetching, some of it's too personal to have any link to me, and a couple of things I wanna talk about would make me a pariah at blogmeets by one group or another.

So, can't say 'em here. OK, scratch that last bit. I CAN say 'em here, but I'm not gonna. It's gotta be put out there, though. Gripeblogging doesn't have the same cathartic action if the posts are kept locked in a text file, so I need another outlet.

Don't hold your breath waiting. It's not like I'll announce this thing...