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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Enough With The Gotdamn Alligators!!!

Where Do You People Come From???

Google can kiss my ass. I thought I was finally gaining some serious readership, but easily 1/3 of my daily hits come from one source... Hundreds and hundreds of people doing a Google search for "Lake Conroe Alligator".

I posted the supposed pics of the gigantimous beastie way back in December of '04. I'd get hits off of it every so often, but somehow the floodgates got opened sometime in June, and now I get 35-50 hits a day off of that search string.

To add insult to injury, every so often some kind soul will let me know via the comments that according to Snopes, I'm in error about the source of the pictures. It's really in Florida/Alabama/South Carolina/Louisiana. What the hell ever, folks. I did post a disclaimer at the bottom of the post. Of course, you probably didn't read that far in your zeal to rush to the comments and correct me.

Making matters worse is the inability in Blogspot to go pack and edit posts that are more than 300 posts in the past, so anything past mid-December of last year is lost to the mists of time. I'm stuck with what's there.

So, please, Googlers, enough with the big lizard! Go back to searching for "Red Baboon Ass" or "Pirate Butt Sex".