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Monday, July 31, 2006

Mondays Are Just Too Damn Weird

We Should At Least Get The Occasional Bonghit

Slow weekend. Didn't go to my 20th high school reunion, if you're wondering. Yes, I felt a twinge of regret as the appointed hour came and went. Yes, I feel a twinge of regret today. I'll get over it.

'Twas my birthday as well, yesterday. Celebrated by sleeping late, then staring at my square-headed girlfriend for a few hours, then taking a nap. Pretty much like every other weekend. Yay, 38. I did go see Miami Vice at the new movie grill. It was OK, but needed more pastels and Armani. Not one Bren Ten, either.

My boss was off today, so I was looking to skate a bit. Hah. As if. The hordes of people PO'ed at The Man have my phone number, and I'm apparently on speed-dial. Busy, busy day.

I'm off in a bit to meet the 'rents for dinner. They want to celebrate another year of me on the planet, and for a free meal, I'll let 'em. If you see on the news about a mass shooting in a restaurant, though, it's 'cause those idjit waiters were warned not to pull that birthday song & dance BS and did it anyway.