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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Countdown Meme

One! One More Blogmeme, AH! AH! AHHHH!!!

Found this meme over at Tamara's place. She got it from the Okie from Muskogee Dustbury.

It's a simple meme, really. Just count to 10. There are rules, apparently:
OK, the rules are simple. First, be honest. We might not know otherwise, but the God of Methuselah, Moses, and Memes will. Second, despite Rule #1, you get one wildcard if you need it; feel free to make up one of the items. And, in support of the proposition that there should remain some mystery about a blogger, don't identify the wild card.

I managed to get by without the wild card. If you saw the clutter in my bedroom, you'd see why...

TEN candy root beer barrels.

NINE assorted knives in my desk drawers.

EIGHT longboxes full of comics.

SEVEN Apple Macintosh computers.

SIX different bottles of rum.

FIVE empty glasses that need to go back to the kitchen.

FOUR revolvers.

THREE tattoos.

TWO spoiled cats.

ONE cute nephew.

ZERO desire to be at work today.

Go do some counting of your own!