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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dark Night

Aggravated Dumbassery In The Dead Of Night!

This little drama played itself out last night:
Power knocked out after car hits pole

HOUSTON—Crews were working to restore power at a northwest Houston apartment complex and nearby homes Tuesday morning after a car smashed into a power pole.

It happened on Shadowdale at Tiger Trail.

Witnesses said the driver may not have known the street was a dead-end and was unable to stop in time.

Police said the driver fled the scene, but left the car behind.

Investigators said they would be paying a visit to the address where the car is registered.

As it happens, I'm in one of those nearby homes. I'm not sure what woke me up, but around 1 a.m. I realized my fan wasn't blowing, and it was darker than the inside of a cat.

I placed an errant toe or two upon Pookie Cat's tail in my brief trek to find a flashlight, adding a piercing feline shriek to the darkness. A cell phone call to the Local Power Conglomerate confirmed that the outage was not limited to my house.

Sleep was not re-achieved until after 3 a.m., and then only for brief periods. The flashing lights and heavy equipment needed to erect the power pole weren't conducive to slumber. (hehehe... he said "erect pole"... hehehehe)

The Power Gnomes finally restored service about 7 a.m., just in time for me to get up and go to work. So, I'm really needing a nap about now...