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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Glad This Day Is Over!

Yeeks. What a nightmare.

Since February, I've been scheduled to go speak on behalf of The Man to a citizen's group in town. So, the past few days I've been working my bunghole into a diamond-producing knot, polishing up a presentation, whipping up interesting yet informative handouts, the whole 9 yards.

I'm expecting someone from the organization to call and confirm, but the woman who set up the gig is a local legend in her circle of civic activity, and if it's got her stamp of approval, then I'm content just to show up and do my thing.

So, I show up (45 minutes early, mind you) to do my thing, only to be informed that the organizer has retired a month ago, has informed no one of my planned visit, and generally left everyone in the lurch in terms of communicating her planning for the past 4 months. Oh, my. What a pickle.

They still managed to squeeze me onto the agenda, getting second billing behind one of Houston's Finest. This cop may be one of the Thin Blue Line saving us citizens from the barbarian horde, but in all other respects he was kind of a serious dunderhead. At least I was ahead of the refreshment break, otherwise anyone not snoozing after Officer Bob had finished his soporific lecture would have been comatose from the post-feed drowsies.

Well, I now have a goal to shoot for. The year before my retirement, I think I shall cease all recordkeeping, forward no information whatsoever, and generally stay as secluded as I can in order that my successor can enjoy the adventure of tying all the wayward knots together. It'll be nice to leave a legacy!