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Friday, April 29, 2005

Groovy, Man!

Well, I'm just high as a kite right now. Buzz paid for by The Man, to boot! I came back from a meeting to find a crew painting my new office. They had all the furniture moved to the center of the room, and were busily rolling the walls in a paint whose color is not found in nature. Well, actually, it is found in nature. It's the kind of grayish/off-white color that's just like the thin layer of enamel over a grey rotten tooth.

I went out for an hour to grab an early lunch and let them finish, but I should have just packed it in for the day. I'm now sitting here with a serious paint-fume buzz, and the ensuing headache this evening is gonna be a killer.

Damn, I wish I remembered to bring some Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd CDs and make a party of it. Expect any further blogging this afternoon to be somewhat off-kilter and/or incomprehensible.