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Friday, May 13, 2005

It's Not Plagiarism, It's An Homage!*

Boy, try to do something nice for people...

I sprinkle in a few tips for new bloggers as part of the New Blogger Showcase, and look at all these reprobates lifting my idea!

The nerve! Hey, guys! Try some original content sometime!

{Set Sarcasm Mode: *OFF*} (heh, like I'd get those three trolling this place for ideas...)

*As for the title of this puerile attempt at Friday snarkiness, it comes from an electronic exchange I had with a widely-published author of science fiction. It seems that in one of his novels, he for all intents and purposes copied directly from the screenplay of the movie 'Zulu', changing only the setting and the names. It was so blatant at one point that I had to go pop in the videotape just to compare the two.

I bitched about it online, in the usual SF bitching forum, and the author was kind enough to condescend to reply to one of the unwashed masses. I believe his direct quote was "Ah. We call that an *homage*." implying that I was incorrect, unpublished and ignorant all in the same sentence.

Needless to say, my purchases of his work have since fallen off drastically.