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Sunday, May 01, 2005

A Troll! A Troll! A.. Damn! Never Mind.

Well, I thought I had my first real troll leaving spewage in my comments. Unfortunately it was just my old college buddy Connecticut Yankee leaving a cogent and suprisingly non-pedantic reply to my Robert Earl Keen post.

I have a sneaking suspicion ConnYank thought I was dissing his frat brothers, who do indeed make up a significant portion of the drunken yahoos that make live music shows almost intolerable. So, he needles me for 'over-analyzing' songs & movies instead of just going along with the groove.

Nope, the post wasn't about intoxicated frat-rats, or the lyrical content of the songs, it was more about people at least paying slight attention to what's going on around them. Sure, we all assign meaning to other's works based on our own lives, but all I'm saying is take the entire work into consideration, not just the main chorus line.

As for overanalyzing things, well, guilty as charged! I'll nitpick the shit out of 'historical' movies. I figure if you're going to go to the trouble of replaying history, it doesn't take any more time or effort to do it right instead of pulling facts out of your ass. Forrest Gump was NOT a historical movie, it was a fantasy! No, for true nitpicking pedantry, just put me & Rockhauler together with a bad WWII movie, and we'll gleefully give it the MST3K treatment.

Oh, thanks for riding to the rescue, there, Zip, but it was a false alarm.