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Monday, December 26, 2005

El Capitan Travel Update

Just In Case Anyone Gives A Damn

OK, I'm booked into the Quality Inn and Suites in Arlington TX from Thursday until Sunday. I plan on leaving Houston early Thurday, and hopefully getting to Arlington no later than noon, but y'all know how that usually works out.

Connecticut Yankee has dibs on me Thursday, and I'm over in Carrollton for a New Years bash starting Saturday at 6 pm, but everything in between and a bit of Sunday afternoon are fair game.

If you need to know my meatspace identity and/or cell #, email me (addy on sidebar) and I'll let you have it. I'd like to hang out with everyone, but I'm just gonna have to arrange everything on the fly, and I'll be computer-impaired the whole trip! If it doesn't work out this trip, we'll do it next time!

There's an off-chance my friend Chainsaw is in town, visiting from Alaska this week. I haven't seen her in 5+ years, so if I do manage to hear from her, you'll understand if I pre-empt things for a quick visit. We've been missing each other in transit (or through my dumbass scheduling errors) for far too long.

UPDATE: Damn, almost forgot... please include all YOUR contact info in the email. All my old emails and records are still stuck on the dead iMac, so I'm not sure how to get in touch with a lot of you. Thanks!