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Monday, December 26, 2005

Xmas With Sammy

Damn, That Kid Took Home Some Loot...

I made it back from my trip to my sister's place more or less intact. Somewhat short on sleep, though. I declined to get a hotel room, figuring if the Baby Jesus could sleep in a horse trough, I could crash on a couch. The couch was about 6 inches too short, though, and I was dead center between the crying baby in one room, and the baby monitor on max volume in the other room. Crying kid in stereo. At 3 a.m. Joy to the world!

Here's the tree at my sis and BIL's place. All those gifts look like a lot, but at least 80% went to the baby!

Here's Santa's littlest elf!

Sammy wasn't too sure about what was going on, but he could rip up wrapping paper like a Christmas pro! He got all sorts of goodies, from jumpers to sleepwear to gigantimous plastic toys. Most made some sort of electronically generated noise, and might drive my BIL insane if the batteries don't wear out soon!

Look! Santa left a baby under the Xmas tree! The elf suit was making Sammy hot & cranky, so he got to go almost nekkid for a while.

Through it all, the ever-so-demure rat terrier Ashley showed off her best side to the camera!

It was a great Xmas, in spite of the miles I drove. Hope yours was great as well!