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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Think My Boss Is A Cylon...

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

OK, odds are my boss is probably not a Cylon. Still, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for anything odd.

I spent yesterday inhaling an entire season of the Sci Fi Channel's revised Battlestar Galactica series. A buddy of mine has Season One on DVD, and since I had yesterday off, it seemed like a good time to plow through the whole thing in one swell foop.

The downside is that now the series has permeated my brain. I'm not certain, but I could swear that when the alarm went off this morning, I grabbed the phone by the bed and screamed "Red Alert! Launch all Viper Squadrons!" before subjecting the cat to the Cylon detection process. She was not amused.

I got really tempted to slurp down the 12 available episodes of Season Two off of iTunes, but another 12 hours in front of the iMac would send me to Geek Purgatory, where you are unable to move from your chair and must watch your screensaver until Judgement Day.

DVD box sets are gonna be the death of me...