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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Note to "PAB"

I'd Hoped This Wouldn't Be Necessary

Dude.... You say you're a friend of Crimedog, and since I LIKE Crimedog, I'll go easy here.

WTF is your malfunction?

Three posts after I say "Nah, we better not talk about this", you jump into the Comments section on a completely unrelated post and leave a neon sign pointing right back at it.

Yes, I am well aware that I left an earlier hint. Yes, I am aware that a smart, observant reader could make the connection, do a bit of Googling, and get a line on the story. That's called an Easter Egg, and it's meant to reward the curious.

What I did NOT expect is for those aforementioned "smart" readers to go back and start waving a red flag. You have some sort of problem with me? Just want to raise my blood pressure a little for the hell of it? Were you looking for recognition for your detective skills? Dude, send me an email. I'll say "HEY! Look at the big brain on PAB!!" and I won't have to do what I detest, which is to edit comments for content, as I did on yours.

Oh, and the toilet in the yard & destroyed mailbox? Not mine. I try to be a bit more clever than that...