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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Anyone Need Any Surplus Phlegm?

I knew I was pushing myself harder than I needed to over the weekend, even with the low-impact schedule I was following. That icky crud I'd been fighting came back for a final counterattack. I've just spent most of the last day and a half sliding in and out of a cough syrup coma in an effort to get back on my feet by tomorrow when I'm due to go back to work.

I feel a little like some bits of random dogpoo that have been gone over with a meat tenderizing mallet. Posting has suffered as a result. I fear I'm only up long enough to rehydrate and feed the cats, then I'm back off to the Land Of Dextromethorphan for the remainder of the day.

Perhaps a warm mug of whiskey, lemon juice & honey is in order. It certainly couldn't hurt!

Patience, my little dust bunnies! I'll be back to regular posting soon!