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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Headin' South

But Only For 58 Miles. Gets Kinda Moist If Ya Go 59.

I'm leaving for Galveston in an hour or so. Gonna gas up the car, clean all the crap out of the back seat, then go reload it with two old folks and their accumulated luggage.

My folks are off on a cruise today, their first. I got volunteered to deliver them to the dock. I'm hoping they have a map on where the cruise ship gets parked. I've got the locations of the Seawall and West Beach hardwired into my skull, but I rarely go anywhere else on the island.

I'm happy my parents are going, they never took many vacations once us kids grew up. Still, they're at that age where things that seem perfectly logical to them fall into my 'hairbrained lunatic' category. I can just see Mom trying to smuggle a parrot back in her makeup case, or Dad get schnockered on fruity umbrella drinks and buy a timeshare condo in Cozumel.

Well, I'm sure it'll turn out all right, and they'll have a great time. I tried to convince them to mail me some Havana cigars from the Caymans or Mexico, just rip off the labels and bring 'em back separate. They wouldn't even consider it, so maybe they'll be OK making their way through the tourist traps!

As for me, I'm gonna drop 'em off, then go treat myself at Gaido's. Man, they've got some gooood lobster shrimp bisque!