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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Warning! Smug Alert!!

Oh Goddess Brigid, please make Andy watch this show! Blessed Be!

I very rarely remember to watch the new episodes of South Park. I'm usually blogging or gaming, and forget to turn on the TV for days at a time.

I had it on last night, though, and I very nearly pissed myself laughing. Best episode I've seen since... since... well, the last episode, where they skewered Scientology yet again.

This episode had Kyle's dad driving a new hybrid car all over town, lecturing other drivers on their gas guzzlers, and basking in the praise of other treehuggers. Every time someone said something nice about the car, Kyle's dad would close his eyes, give a thumbs-up and say "Thank Yewwww!". Impossibly smug, and therein lay the problem...

The Broflovskis decided they needed to move to San Francisco, where they'd find people as forward thinking and progressive as they were. So, off they went. Stan, meanwhile, wrote a song praising hybrids in an effort to 'green up' South Park and lure his friend Kyle back.

Long story short, South Park is inundated with hybrids, causing a severe case of 'smug' pollution. The smug cloud grows, and threatens to link up with the San Francisco smug cloud, and the smug cloud released by George Clooney's Oscar acceptance speech to create the perfect storm... of self-satisfaction!

Catch it on reruns if you can. It's a great episode. If you can't, here's the transcript!