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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Nine Went Out, None Came Back

We Got Completely Ass-Raped By Ay-rabs

Tonight was our long-awaited final mission in the 2005 Ghost Recon Stealth Tournament. The SOG crew went in to kick ass and take names, and we performed flawlessly at the start. Our good fortune was not to continue, however.

After completing the initial recon into the terrorist camp, we were sent to secure a nuclear device from a crew of desperate Islamo-bastards. Unfortunately, we had to go into a city, and it's just pretty freakin' hard to be stealthy when you're surrounded by steel and concrete.

One by one we all caught a bullet, or a grenade blast punched our ticket in a permanent fashion. Out of 100 possible points, we got 50 for completing Part 1, then -5 for each dead SOGgy, for a whopping 5 points at the end. Hell yeah! We didn't go negative!! Woohooo!

The following pictures are an "artistic recreation" since I was kinda busy in-game and didn't take any screenshots. Still, it captures the essence of our struggle.

The brave team ready for action!

Hooo-Rah! Kill those mofos!

Fuck, we're all dead! Sneaky Bastards!

Excedrin Headache #7.62 x 39

This was probably the last of the Alpha Squad Tournaments. It's also likely to be the swan song of SOG. Ghost Recon is way obsolete now, and no more editions are foreseen for PC or Mac platforms.