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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Idea Lifted From Someone Else's Blog

What? Like I've Got Time For Actual Creativity...

They're doing Caption Contests all the time over at Wizbang, but I rarely feel motivated to enter. Hell, the time they posted a picture of Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson, I didn't even know who they were. There remains a benefit to watching TV news and reading newsweeklies, apparently. I get most of my news through text feeds, never see the pictures...

Anyhoo, I entered Elisson's caption contest last week. I thought my submission was pretty clever, but I'm afraid it'll be lost on the 95% of the population that's unaware that dropping acid makes your pupils blow up to the size of manhole covers. Don't ask me how *I* know that, I ain't admitting to nothin'.

I'm short on time today, but I thought I'd steal the idea and have my own caption contest. Submit in the Comments section your best caption idea for the photo below. And, to make it more interesting, (and steal an idea from FARK) the difficulty level is set to: No using the racial application of "coon" in your caption!

Good luck! Winner gets mailed a random item from my desk drawers.