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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Turning Off The Tap

Never Bitch About Inconsquential Stuff!

What was that line from Bull Durham about "Never do anything to mess up a winning streak?" Well, I broke something, it looks like.

I griped a couple of weeks ago about all the people showing up here as a result of Google searches for the Lake Conroe Alligator. In fact, I'm pretty sure I said "Google can kiss my ass". Shoulda kept my foolish mouf' shut.

It looks like someone at Google shut off the feed. I don't register in the top 10 on those search terms anymore, (I'm not even in the top 20...) and hits showing up for a visit on that search string have dropped to less than 5 a day. My overall traffic is down about 100 visits a day. To some of you big dogs, you'd never notice the drop, but that's 1/3 of my traffic!

Damn, back to Carnival whoring, it looks like.