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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Maybe Sunday School Will Be Sufficient...

This Might Be Why Fundies Are Hated & Feared By The Left

Some company in Florida is selling these Ephesians-based jammies for kids. (Click on 'Defeat Satan In Your Sleep'.)

Nothing like knowing your kid's headed for bed wrapped in the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation and the pillowy shield of faith. Yeah, that'll keep the boogeyman away!

Look, there's being a good Christian, and there's taking things a bit too far. Send your kid to a sleepover with these things, and he's probably gonna get his ass kicked. Maybe his hand placed in a warm bowl of water. It won't be pretty, that's for damn sure.

Dial it back a notch, Jethro. Your kid doesn't need a 24/7 dosing of the Gospel. Besides, I have it on pretty good authority that Spiderman jammies are NOT the work of Satan...