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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fan-Boy Geekiness Alert!

The Long Wait Is Almost Over!!!

OK, time to lapse back into shameless geek-mode...

Season Five of Smallville is due for release next Tuesday. Tuesday also happens to be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so it's a double bonus!

I don't get the WB network at the house, so I've had to wait for a year for the box set to be released, and whenever anyone mentions what's happened in Season Five, I've had to cover my ears and run away screaming "LALALALA!!IAMNOTLISTENINGIAMNOTLISTENING!!!"

The wait is over... Don't even bother looking for me next weekend. I'm gonna make a trip to the store for munchies, then a trip to the pharmacy for a catheter and box of Depends, and plop my big ass down in front of the DVD mo-sheen for 26 hours straight. It oughta be fun!

I'm told by a buddy of mine that bats for the other team that Tom Welling (he plays Clark/Kal-El) is quite the posterboy in the gay side of the street. Could be, I suppose.

Some of us watch Smallville for other reasons. Like the intricate plotlines... Yeah! That's it! The plotlines!