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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blogroll Updates

I'm So Lazy About These Things...

Made a few changes, all the TX Blogfest attendees are now on the 'roll.

Sam's back in his old crib, and the Layabout Sailor is posting up a storm, so they've been rescued from the ignominy of the ass-end of the list. I'm tellin' ya, you land on that "Good Stuff, But Infrequent" list o' mine, and you're usually circling the drain, blogwise.

I'm going to probably winnow down the graphical tags to get rid of some deadwood, and allow more deserving bloggers (and those I just like better, in all honesty) have a shot at a 80x15 pixel slice of immortality...

No promises as to when, ya unnerstan??