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Thursday, May 17, 2007

What Planet Do Liberals Come From?

A World Full Of Fuzzy Bunnies, Unicorns & Free Money!

I was reading this MSNBC/WaPo article on toothbrushes (teethbrushii?) in prisons, and their easy ability to become 'weaponized', when I ran across this curious quote:
After taking his current post in the District last year, Brown instituted pinky-size toothbrushes. No inmates have assaulted each other or staff members with toothbrushes since, he says.

The small size draws users' fingers into their mouths. "It is dehumanizing to hand a prisoner a three-inch toothbrush," says Phil Mendelson (D-At Large), chairman of the D.C. Council's Public Safety and Judiciary Committee.

Dehumanizing?? Exsqueeze me?

Mr. Mendelson, it's time to pull back the foreskin of ignorance and apply the wire brush of reality...

Dehumanizing is chaining a man to a wall like an animal. Dehumanizing is beating a prisoner senseless and denying medical aid. Dehumanizing is subjecting a man to solitary confinement for years at a stretch.

Giving a prisoner a short little toothbrush is by no means a dehumanizing act. For you to claim that it is does a disservice to those fighting to prevent REAL acts of dehumanization.

Yank back on the ol' hyperbole, there, dude.

Oh, wait. You're a bleeding-heart liberal. You're physically incapable of recognizing reality as we know it. In that case, just siddown and STFU. If I was running that pen, the convicts would get a bowl of salt and a cedar twig to clean their teeth with. If that's good enough for the poor oppressed Native Americans you fawn over so often, it's good enough for convicts.