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Friday, May 11, 2007

Ring Of Fire

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When you're on the whiz-pills, you're trying to pump all the excess fluid outta your carcass so your system don't back up as much.

It's good for keeping you sleepless with 3 am pee-breaks, though I imagine if I was so inclined (I'm not...) I could diaper myself in the NASA-approved fashion and learn to sleep though the night.

The downside is that you tend to leach your body of essential minerals and such, and that can lead to muscle cramps. I try to get a multivitamin & mineral supplement daily to counteract this, but I still manage to work up a good cramp once or twice a day, just by stretching or moving around. The muscles you don't use as often are the ones most likely to cramp, so in my case that's pretty much all of 'em.

What I'm wondering is this... is it possible to get a charleyhorse in your bunghole?

I'm just askin', is all...