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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This Isn't Funny Anymore!

Calgon, Take Me Awaaaayyy!!

You're not gonna believe this. Hell, I was there, and *I* don't believe it.

After all the Po-leece shenanigans yesterday morning, guess who got pulled over driving home from work?

My method of displaying my front license plate by wedging it between my windshield and dashboard isn't acceptable, it seems. What am I s'posed to do? I got no bracket on the front bumper, and no place I'm willing to drill for one, either!

No ticket issued, he heard my tale of woe from the a.m. and let me go, despite my additional infraction of not wearing a seatbelt.

So, this morning, I decide I'll avoid the Valero gas station @ I-10 and Shepherd for my morning Diet Coke & HoHo fix, and avoid the HPD presence.

I head to the one over on Memorial Drive, and no sooner do I pull in and park, when the placed is swarmed by cops. Three cruisers, and two pickups and a horse trailer from the Mounted Division all converge on the convenience store for coffee and pastry. Two of 'em recognized me from yesterday, as did two more in the elevator lobby of my building.

Dammit, my life's plan involves *NOT* being noticed by cops!!