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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Monthly Reports

Those Fun Little 30 Day Summaries Of The Year So Far

Just finished Scutwork Project #1 for the day. Still got Scutwork Projects 2 & 3 to do before I can slither out of here and start loading up the truck with booze and chipmunks and mullet wigs for the blogfest this weekend.

I truly dislike doing the monthly report. It's a sordid little document that's been cut & pasted so many times, it's a mix of Frankenstein's Monster and the floor-sweepings from an L.A. plastic surgeon's clinic. No chance for any creativity or originality, just boring numbers for the Finance wonks to spooge over.

Ah, well. Here's another monthly report that suprised me. Best. Traffic. EVAR!!

Maybe another post this afternoon... If not, see y'all in Kerrville!