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Monday, May 07, 2007

BlogThrilla In Kerrville-A!

Blue SMERF Goo & Cravin' Brown Bush!

No, no explanation of the subheading. If you weren't there, you don't need to know...

Sounds of a blogmeet:

"Ayyy!!!" "Oh!!!" (In proper Joisey tones)

"She used to be pretty, now she's pretty fucked up!!"

"Erica, you lost FOUR lighters already?"

"I had to feed my dog Buttfood!"

"Jimbo travels light. One guitar case, one bag full of hair-care products..."

"I'm pretty sure pepperoni is kosher... It's made outta cow, right?"

"There's no poodle in this gumbo, is there?"

"This restaurant does *not* need more cowbell..."

The 2007 Texas Blogmeet has now come & gone... The poolside trash bins at the Inn of the Hills groan under the strain of uncounted empty beer bottles, and all the bloggers are still trying to massage the diamond-pattern from the pool chairs off of their posteriors! The music was great, the conversations non-stop, and everyone seemed to have a great time. We chattered like monkeys, drank like fish, and smoked like chimneys.

I discovered that if you drink gin & tonics in 30 oz. batches, you might acquire a bit of a potty-mouth as you slowly marinate your noodle. You also forget the words to Grateful Dead's 'Ripple'.

Also, next time I'm bringing a pillow to sit on...

I never did find out who I owed for those two beers. One of the bottles had a horny toad on the label, and the other had a sorta reddish-brown label. If that was you, let me know and I'll make good on it.

Alas, my computer is still phuct, so it might be a while before my pictures will be available.

Muchas Smoochas Gracias to the lovely and thoroughly cop & camo-crazy Shoe for going *way* over the call of duty during the Fest. Every time we turned around, she was showing up with huge amounts of food. The fantastic homemade BBQ dinner Friday night, the free pizzas she wrangled using threats of Guv'mint hitmen, and the afternoon mercy mission to Taco Casa were all greatly appreciated!

Extra props to Walrilla's buddy Robert, The Layabout Sailor's better half, and GuyK's wife Sweet Thing for being non-bloggers brave enough to face this den of reprobates for a weekend, and to Josh the blog-commenter for dropping by to say hello.

Kurt, Alan, Marcus, Dash, Christina, Ambulance Driver, Big Dick, and any others who had distance or time conflicts preventing your attendance... We sure missed having you there! Maybe next time for sure!

The other attendees will no doubt be posting bits and pieces of the sordid affair... Go take a look!

The Confabulator
Richie da Pup
The Layabout Sailor

More later. I'm still rotisserating a few of our late-night conversations in my skull, and I'll be wanting to post about those in a little while.