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Friday, June 08, 2007

My Next Ten Guns

Assuming Money Falls From The Sky...

Haven't done a gun post in a while, so here's the top ten guns on my "to buy" list. Of course, I can't even afford a Daisy BB gun right now, but that's another issue.

#10 - Mauser Broomhandle - And I want the Chinese version in .45 ACP! I know it's not as well made as the Kraut versions, so better ship me a barrelful of 'em, and a $h!tload of spare parts!

#9 - Winchester Model 12 - A most elegant shotgun, superbly balanced and graceful. Plus, you can slamfire it like a firehose. 'nuff said.

#8 - Swedish Mauser - These long-barreled beauties are arguably the best Mausers ever made, and even the beat-up ones still shoot better than a modern bolt-action.

#7 - Lever Action Rifle - Believe it or not, I don't own one in any caliber. I'd prefer .45 Long Colt, but I'd just as easily welcome a .45-70 or .30-30 into the gun collection!

#6 - H&K G3 - I prefer the paratroop version, but I'd settle for a CETME. I just need a .308 battle rifle to freak out the neigbors.

#5 - Walther P22 & suppressor - Three words. Squirrel overpopulation problem.

#4 - Browning Auto-5 - I need a good dove & duck gun. This oughta do!

#3 - Steyr M40 - Most of my pistols are full-sized cowboy or hunting guns. I could use a concealable autoshucker to replace the .38 snubbie.

#2 - Garand - Don't have one. Must have one. Buy me one!

#1 - Ruger Redhawk - I've been wanting a .44 Magnum for a while, and I'll eventually get one, hopefully by the end of the year.