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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Push-Button Prayers!

Somehow, I Doubt God Will Be Fooled...

I'm not quite sure what to make of this gizmo, but think I'm gonna have to pick up a couple for Erica and Elisson. You press a button, and it recites a Hebrew prayer for whatever foodgroup in front of you that needs some divine assistance to become edible.
Say-A-Blessing Makes a Better Jew Out of You!

Makes a perfect gift for beginners of all ages!

It’s no longer hard to remember all the different blessings there are to say before eating or drinking different kosher foods! With the push of a button, this modern marvel will say aloud the correct blessing in the original Hebrew, word-for-word, followed by an English translation. No more fumbling for the prayer book or messy cards. Simply press the button for the correct food category and repeat word-for-word as the blessing is read slowly and clearly.

Comes with two BONUS prayers: Shema and Modeh Ani. It also conveniently features a LED flashlight (for late night snacking ;-)!

Oy, vey!