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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We All Scream For Ice Cream!

De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum!

I ran across this web site that lists 101 oddball flavors of ice cream.

I'd call bullsh!t on some of the flavors, except that I've seen 'em with my own eyes. If you go to any of the larger Asian supermarkets, they'll have 20-30 of these flavors in their freezer. Not quite Ben & Jerry. More like Nguyen & Minh Thuy.

I'm just seriously ooked out by most of these. Somebody bring me a Dairy Queen dipped cone to get these tastes out of my head!

Mmmmm... howzabout a double dip cone of raw horseflesh & squid gut!

1. Fish
2. Octopus
3. Squid
4. Ox Tongue
5. Sweet Potato
6. Fried Eggplant
7. Crab Ice Cream
8. Corn Ice Cream
9. Koshihikari Rice
10. Wasabi
11. Shrimp
12. Eel
13. Nagoya Noodle
14. Chicken Wing
15. Miso
16. Cactus
17. Raw Horseflesh
18. Goat
19. Whale
20. Shark Fin Noodle
21. Oyster
22. Abalone
23. Seaweed
24. Deep Sea Water
25. Spinach
26. Garlic

(Note: I will confess to having eaten garlic ice cream... It was at a garlic-themed restaurant in London, Ontario. They caramelized the garlic, swirled it in a syrup to form a candy shell around the garlic bits, then mixed it in the ice cream. If you've ever had roasted garlic, you'll be familiar with the smooth mellow flavor, unlike the sharp pungency of raw garlic. It was... a unique flavor. I'd eat it again, but it won't ever displace mint chocolate chip...

27. Sesame, Soybean and Dried Kelp
28. Lettuce and Potato
29. Wheat
30. Curdled Bean
31. Silk
32. Chicken
33. Stout Ice Cream
34. Potato Liquor
35. Red Wine
36. Tulip
37. Cherry Blossom
38. Soy Sauce
39. Pit Viper
40. Indian Curry
41. Pearl
42. Salad
43. Charcoal
44. Miso Ramen
45. Chili Pepper
46. Cheese Risotto
47. Natural Salt
48. Grated Yam
49. Cypress Tree
50. Cream Cheese
51. Squid Gut
52. Squid Ink
53. Char Grilled Seaweed
54. Hot Spring Water
55. Dracula Cool Garlic Mint
56. Genmai Ice Cream (unpolished rice)
57. Aojiru, a broth of green-leafed vegetables,
58. Rice Straw
59. Environmentally Friendly Miso
60. Hojicha Bitter Green Tea
61. Persimmon
62. Pickled Plum and Shiso
63. Collagen Lemon
64. Tomato
65. Deep Water Gelatto
66. Herbal Remedy Ice Cream
67. Potato
68. Cheese
69. Finland (????)
70. Natural Viagra (great, a woodie with my smoothie...)

Flavors from Venezuela. Hugo Chavez probably made 'em make these at gunpoint.

71. Spaghetti Bolognaise
72. Tuna Fish
73. Onion
74. Fried Pork Rind
75. Rose (as in the flower)
76. Beet and Corn
77. Carrot

From Taiwan:

78. Cuttlefish
79. Tuna and Seaweed with Fruit
80. Peanuts and Wine
81. Pineapple Shrimp
82. Mango Seaweed

From Great Britain:

83. Stilton Cheese Ice Cream

From the U.S.A.:

84. Cold Sweat Ice Cream. Along with milk, sugar and the other usual ingredients, this ice cream is made with three kinds of peppers and two kinds of hot sauce. It’s so spicy that just touching it makes your fingers feel hot. It’s not a top seller. One of the ice cream shop’s regular customers said it tasted like, “fire - with a side of fire.”

85. Chicken Fried Steak Ice Cream. Ever wondered what happens if you mesh fried steak and ice cream together? introduces a new way to screw up your diet quickly and easily. It's basically frying a piece of steak with egg, butter, sugar, and milk, and topping it off with an ice cream scoop.

86. Nogger Black Ice Cream. The world’s first racist ice cream! This is a liquorice flavored version of the classic nougat-flavored “Nogger.”

87. Chunky Bacon Ice Cream
88. Barbecue Flavor Ice Cream
89. Cackalacky Spice Sauce Ice Cream
90. Mushroom Ice Cream
91. Mushroom-Pecan Ice Cream
92. Chocolate Garlic Ice Cream
93. Haddock Ice Cream (More fish?!?!?!??)
94. Bay Leaf Ice Cream
95. Lox Ice Cream
96. Durian Ice Cream
97. Lobster Ice Cream
98. Sauerkraut Sherbet.
99. Potatoes-and-Bacon Ice Cream
100. Squash Ice Cream.
101. Mustard Ice Cream

I think I might just hurl after all that...