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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Inefficiency In Action

Your Tax Dollars At Work, Pt. 243

Got a meeting this afternoon at another facility. At least 3 of us will go get in our cars or official vehicles and travel over there, meeting another 2-3 people coming from opposite locations. We'll occupy parking spaces needed by others, burn expensive gas, and take additional time before and after the meeting due to the need to shuttle back & forth to remote parking and/or the motor pool.

All this would be negated if we simply had usable teleconferencing capabilities. Alas, no, we're still on a phone system bought 15 years back from the lowest bidder. I'm surprised they don't have rotary dials on 'em. We don't even have the ability to use the "batphone" conference phones. All our POTS lines are taken up by fax machines that stay in pretty constant use.

There's companies that offer dial-in conferencing, but FSM forbid we ever give money to someone without the approval of the Council of Nazg├╝l.

Ah, well. Might as well get back to doing what we gummint workers do best. I actually prefer Freecell, though...