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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not Much Of A Mystery

I'd Walk A Mile For A Tight, Firm Camel...

Seems our Saudi "allies" are experiencing a mysterious camel die-off.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (al-Reuters) -- Hundreds of camels have died in Saudi Arabia this week from a mystery ailment.

The Agriculture Ministry has said 232 camels died in the space of four days in the Dawasir Valley, 250 miles south of Riyadh.

King Abdullah has promised compensation for owners, who say the real number of deaths is far higher.

Agriculture ministry officials have denied an infectious disease caused the deaths and blamed them on animal feed supplied by food storage authorities.
At the risk of sounding less than gracious to the closeted Wahaabists turncoat ragheads oil-soaked pederasts our upstanding partners against terrorism, the fine Saudi people, I think there's an easy explanation.

See, a thorough CSI-style examination of the camel pens will likely reveal the tell-tale marks of stepladders and spilled lube at the rear of the camel stalls, and that the dead camels all have advanced-stage gonorrhea and/or syphilis.

Hey, the Arabian desert's a vast desolate wasteland. The camel herders are bound to get lonely. It happens...