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Friday, September 07, 2007

I Can't Be Nice ALL The Time...

My Inner Rat-Bastard Yearns To Break Free!

Every so often, I just gotta do something really crass and tasteless.

F'rinstance, I can't say anything negative about our new employee to the people I work with, or I'll get ratted out and dispatched to Sensitivity training.

However, I can tell YOU people all about it! Folks, this person's UGLEEEE!!!!! GOt-DaYuMM Feckin' ugly!!! I mean, I'm no prize myself, but this poor sap's got a face like 10 miles of bad road. I've never seen a better candidate for making Gorilla Cookies.

Whew. OK, I feel better.

Whoops, not quite done yet. Got a little rat-bastard still lurking in me. So I'll take this picture of a hamster and a cherry tomato, and just gross you all out.