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Saturday, September 01, 2007

We Loves Nieces To Pieces!

Babies Are Cute, But Don't Really Have A Lot To Say...

OK, as promised a really long time ago, here's some pics from my visit with my sister's growing family.

They visited last weekend, spending a grand total of 15 hours here. This is standard for sister visits. She and BIL roll into town, they hang out with her old school friends most of the weekend, and drop by the house for maybe an hour or two on their way back to San Marcos.

This time, they actually decided to stay overnight. I can't blame 'em for usually staying at my BIL's brother's house in Sugarland, where there's an actual bed instead of the sleeper sofa like I've got, but I did offer to pull out the air bed to go underneath that paper-thin couch mattress. I've got to acquire at least a futon to achieve visitability parity, I'm thinking.

Anyway, our parents felt the pull of available grandchildren, and swooped upon the scene to join the fun. Sammy's at an age where you can hang him upside down by his ankles, and he just finds that amusing as all get-out. Both Dad and I are a bit battered and arthritic to be tossing him up in the air a lot, especially as he gets bigger!

Here's Sammy, Grammy and Gracie:

Here's a sleepy Grace in her bucket.

Pretty dress, and lots of tasty toes poking out!

And now, Time To EAT THE BABY!!!
(Grace: "Noooo!!! Don't eat the baby!!!")

OK, I didn't eat the baby. But I did nibble on her a bit...