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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

100% Concentrated Batshit Crazy!

Why Don't The Voices In Their Heads Ever Tell Them To STFU???

Some days a blogpost just falls in my lap. Today, it's courtesy of some whackazoid goon that's been sucking on the crack pipe just a bit too long.

I got the following manifesto in my office email inbox, and reproduced it here verbatim for your afternoon amusement:
Dear Resident of Texas, especially in Houston, Crawford and Waco,

I deeply apologize for sending you the attached information on Bush-Cheney FBI for personal enrichments without any request of yours, but I have no other choice as to do so as the matter of my very survival. The enclosure is in the zipped format of Microsoft word and does not contain any virus. The opening of attachment will not expose the setup in your computer to any danger.

I have no way of knowing precisely the following among others:

- whether former President George H. W. BUSH and President George W. BUSH are indifferent to obvious violations of basic human rights and civil liberties in response to information sent to the White House and delivered in to offices of Honorable Senators, especially Republican ones; and/or

- whether the present President George W. BUSH and the former President George H. W. BUSH conduct the policy of domestic terrors from within their FBI under their Patriot Act; and/or

- whether the former simply cannot cope with the governance and needs badly the help of the latter in dealing also with what his subordinates in FBI do.

If I may humbly suggest for your decision, you may consider providing the Texan assistance to your neighbors Bushes to comprehend and understand the very basics of democracy and the rights of American people under the U.S. Constitution that their subordinate in FBI will be directed to observe the same.

In fact, I could not collect enough email addresses in the neighborhood of the Bushes in Houston, Waco, Crawford and else in Texas. If you deem appropriate to help me, you may decide forwarding this information and its attachment there.

I hope you will forgive me the intrusion on your privacy by sending you this email in my self-defense and, if necessary, its follow-ups, but you may get the different grasps of what happened and has been going on during the tenures of senior and junior Presidents Bushes. I am sorry for any irregularity, but I experience FBI-managed difficulties in sending this email. This is self-explanatory.

Should you feel offended with my email in any way, please, accept my apology in advance and delete it at once.

Thanking you for your time and help in advance, I wish you all the best in your private and professional lives.


Slawomir J. Borowy, Ph.D. (Econ.)

Former Polish diplomat, UN officer and participant in sensitive FBI projects to uncover Russian and Eastern-Central European spies in FBI also.

...Waco?? Repeat after me, dude. K-E-N-N-E-B-U-N-K-P-O-R-T !!

Unfortunately his attachment was 86'ed by the IT department's spamblocker. I was kind of hoping to see how deep this guy's rabbit hole went.