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Sunday, October 21, 2007

BBQ Lunch In Lockhart

I Can Feel My Arteries Occluding...

The minimeet in Lockhart was a success, mostly. We didn't get the numbers we'd hoped for, but if you can judge an afternoon solely by the quality of BBQ eaten, and the hours of great conversation, we had a winner for sure!

You can tell you're getting to Lockhart in the fall by the enormous amounts of cotton scrap on the sides of the roads. The trailers hauling raw cotton to the local gin leak quite a bit. Someone with an outdoor vacuum and a bunch of fabric could make a mint stuffing throw pillows.

Kreuz Market turned out to be a great meeting place on a Saturday. There was quite a bit of business, but never so much that anyone turned an eye to our occupying a table for two hours before we bought some food, and for two hours afterwards.
We could have had twice the crowd and been all right.

We missed out on the jalapeno/cheese sausage, since some greedy bint bought every single hot link they had before we ordered. We tried the regular sausage, but no one was impressed. I thought the ribs were quite good, and the brisket outstanding. No sauce, no forks, just dig in like a caveman and make grunting noises as you devour it!

I think we'll try again when Okie/Hoosier hybrid Jerry comes back down to Houston early next year. It's pretty easy for everyone to get to, and the barn-like interior will be more comfortable when the temperatures drop another 20 degrees.

Wish all y'all could have made it! Next time for sure!