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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

14 Days Until When??

Wasn't Thanskgiving Just Last week??

When did it get to be the 11th of December???

Between City elections, people in the office on vacation and picking up their slack, and other numerous daily crises, I've completely lost track of life outside the office.

Guess I ought to do my usual Xmas card plea. I have my own little private crisis every year where I can't decide whether or not to send out Xmas cards. I've blogged about it before. It's looking promising this year, since I already have stamps and labels.

So, same deal as last time. If you're a Baboon Pirates regular, and your collection of cards last year seemed a bit thin, I'll put you on the mailing list. You might even get a special bonus package. Of course, it's possible that the Grinch will soak me with Bah Humbuggery between here and the card vending outlet, and no one gets any cards. Hard to say at this point, but the odds are leaning heavily towards cards actually getting done. Cookies & fudge? Not so much...

"But El Cap!" you say... "I iz a Hebrooic/athiestic/Kwanzaanitian person! I don't believe in Sanity Clauses or the Baby Jeebus!"

Ees cool, hombre! Not tryin' to convert, just to spread a little cheer.

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Feliz Cerveza-dad & Joyeux Eggnog, y'all!