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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

GOC Gets An Owie In His Head!

I Hope He Doesn't Get A Swelled Head Over This...

If you haven't heard, everybody's favorite Grouchy Old Cripple went skiiing, and severely bumped his haid out on the ski slopes. The GOC's got big ol' set of brass balls, 'cause how often do you meet a paraplegic that willingly straps on skis and throwns himself down a snowy mountainside?

Alas, Denny was done a dirty deed by a dreadful douchebag, who plowed into him and sent the GOC to the ER, PDQ. It looks like the GOC will be AOK, but send him some X's and O's via the USPS, PDQ!

We used to have an award in my Scout troop called the "WOFTT!" (pronounced "woofed") award. It stood for "Watch Out For That Tree!", and was given out periodically to Scouts who managed to apply an imbedded layer of cellulose fibers to their epidermis via a forceful application of face to tree bark. The first recipient was running headlong through the woods at an orienteering meet, and broke his glasses, nose and his compass, all in one whack.

In Denny's case, he's now the recipient of the "WOFTOOCSD!" award, or "Watch Out For That Out Of Control Skiing Douchebag!"

There was a song to acommpany the award, a parody of the Beatles 'Blackbird', one of GOC's signature tunes at blogmeets. On advice of counsel, I'll hold off on posting that until Denny's back home and can laugh without requiring a dose of morphine.