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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bits & Pieces

This Really Should All Be On Twitter...

Yesterday's Austin trek went well. Lunched at Threadgill's, and had a piece of pumpkin pie to make up for the piece I skipped at Xmas. I probably enjoyed that slice of pie more than any other in my life. OTOH, about an hour later the sugar rush was most unpleasant.

Adding to the "Keep Austin Weird" theme, after driving from Houston to get there, I sit down to the table at lunch, and the guy speaking at the conference (also from Houston) sits down at the table right next to me. How weird is that?

There's a women's sporting apparel store on Lamar called Title Nine. I thought that was pretty clever...

Got to see the niece & nephew afterwards. They've learned that an uncle is a perfectly acceptable substitute for a jungle gym.

Despite stopping at a 7-11 twice, I skipped the Slurpee this trip. One didn't have the sugar-free version, and the other that did had it in a nasty flavor. Oh, well. A Super Big Gulp of Diet Coke is almost as good...


I forgot to mention anything about New Years... I went up to my buddy Cisco Kid's place, and doused myself in beer and shrimp gumbo. I followed through with my plan to do the TimTam Slam, and everyone agreed it was pretty damned tasty, if still a bit shy of "orgasmic".


Despite January being a three-paycheck month, I'm on the ragged edge of poverty until Friday. Xmas and assorted adventures cost a lot more than I expected. Still, barring any automotive mishaps, I should be able to bank enough $$$ for a couple of blogmeets this year.


Dad went in for an MRI Monday. After the Transient Global Amnesia episode a while back, we're packing him off to the doctor on a regular basis, even if it might be just a "Senior Moment". This latest event might be nothing, but if we can get him trained right, he won't fight us so much when things really do go pear-shaped.


Y'all post some more hi-res pics online! I need some Photoshop Phodder! Become an enabler and feed my nasty habit!